3 Tips To Enhance Your Personal Relationships

Learning how to enhance your personal relationships is a very important skill. Not only can it help you in your business life, but it’s also crucial for improving the connections you share with family, friends, and even potential romantic lovers. With this in mind, we’d like to share several tips with you that’ll help you improve your relationships in no time at all – so let’s begin.

Decide on Your Values

Before you can truly connect with another person, it’s important to determine what you value in life. Is your goal to make a significant difference in the world? Do you just want to have a good time and provide for your family? Is there a certain skill you want to dedicate your life to mastering? Regardless of what you value, it’s important to determine this in advance – so you can learn to share your passions with others, and also attract people with similar values into your life.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to connect with people who are ‘just like them’. Once you know what you value in life, it’ll be easier to seek out the kind of people who are likely to share your passions and interests. From this point, it becomes very simple to enhance your relationships.PSI Seminars Empowers Individuals to Improve Their Lives

Keep in Contact With People in Your Network

In the same way that you need to regularly water a plant to keep it strong and healthy, you need to ‘water’ your friendships by staying in contact and offering help and value whenever you can. Whether it’s just to share a joke or be a listening ear for someone – it’s always beneficial to observe how you can help other people, and be quick to offer your assistance.

All of us are looking at improving through continuous training.  I found this company while searching on-line that may be of value.  They specifically talk about helping people in building personal relationships.

PSI Seminars Empowers Individuals to Improve Their Lives

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By teaching success principles that are useful both personally and professionally, PSI supports students in creating more meaningful relationships, developing better communication, enhancing their leadership skills, earning greater wealth, experiencing clarity of purpose, and enjoying increased peace of mind.  Read more about PSI Seminars…

By staying in regular contact with your network, you’ll quickly be liked and admired – with other people being eager to reciprocate the value you give to their life.

I just saw this comment about PSI Seminars:

PSI Seminars actually has some great podcasts on their iTunes channel you can listen to for free..

Avoid arguments and seek to understand

One of the quickest ways to burn a relationship is to get stuck in a vicious cycle of unproductive arguments. In most cases, taking the time to listen and understand the other person will teach you more than simply defending your tired old beliefs.  Always try to see things from the other person’s point of view, without defining your own ‘ego’ all the time. Once you make the effort to understand others first, you’ll find it very easy to enhance all the relationships you have in your life.

Here is a good article on arguments:

Top 10 Tools to Avoid Ugly Arguments

Every couple argues. Some of the do it overtly by yelling at each other while others do it covertly by avoiding contact and conversation. Whatever the method, the result is the same – hurt feelings and disenchantment. Here are my tips to help you argue constructively, if done correctly it can be a pathway to growth and problem solving.  See the how article on arguing here….

I especially like the “Do Not Stockpile” tip.  So easy in an argument to bring up things from the past.

Here is a nice video on:

10 Ways to Grow a Relationship of Mutual Personal Development

In a personal relationship would you rather be right or would you rather be at peace.  I pray everyday for God to give me patience so that I am at peace in my relationships.