PM Capital – The Premier Source of Precious Metals

Are you looking for gold, silver, and other precious metals? If yes, then you should contact PM Capital. It is the premier source for purchasing precious metals in the United States. PM Capital has a vast experience in the precious metal industry. It specializes in selling and distributing a variety of precious metals including silver and gold bars, rounds, and rare numismatic coins, among many others.

Precious Metal Coins

Gold and silver coins are valuable forms of collectables and investments. There are various factors affecting the value of the coins, but basically it depends on whether coin is a bullion or numismatic. A precious metal collector and investor knows that each type of precious metal coin has advantages and disadvantages.

Bullion Coins

This type of precious metal coin is minted by the government. What’s great about bullions is they offer a sound return on investment. Bullion coins vary in weight and their value is determined on their weight and the spot price of the metal on a given time. The valuation is also affected by the demand of the coin. If the demand is high, then expect to have a higher dealer premiums. Bullion coins are traded in various places, particularly in countries like United States, Canada, Russia, Mexico, and China. The liquidity factor of bullion coins make it a perfect form of investment. It gives you an advantage in the event of flat currency collapse. On the flip side, bullion coins have high premium. Silver bullion coins are prone to tarnishing too. Hence, it is important to handle your precious metal coins with utmost care. Store them in properly protected case or box.

Numismatic Coins

Numismatic coins are preferred by collectors, although they can still be used as an investment platform. There are various factors to consider when determining the value of numismatic coins such as the demand factor, grading scale, and rarity. A numismatic coin can be considered in mint to perfect condition. If you want to invest in numismatic coins, you have to make sure you are highly knowledgeable on the associated risks. Numismatic coins are a collector’s item and are prone to scam. Hence, it is important to know how to spot genuine numismatic coins from fake ones.

If you wish to invest in precious metals as a way of diversifying for portfolio or simply just want to collect precious metals, then you should contact PM Capital. The company is the premier source of gold, silver, and other valuable metals. It is a national bullion dealer and it helps and guides you through all the aspects of precious metals investment.

Scott Carter, the chief executive officer of PM Capital is the man behind the success of the company. Under his leadership, PM Capital became the leader in the precious metal industry. Scott was a commentator on national news with expertise in finance, global currency, and wealth management. His in-depth knowledge on these topics made him one of the most sought after speakers at various investment conferences in America.

Scott Carter has over 25 years of experience in marketing and selling precious metals. Before he became the chief executive officer of PM Capital, he served some of the major corporations in the country. He was the President of Unitrin Direct and the CEO for companies like Lear Capital and Goldline. He graduated from Valparaiso University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts and a Masters of Business Administration from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

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