Scott and Amie Yancey – How they Get into the Real Estate Business

  • Scott and Amie Yancey – How they Get into the Real Estate Business


Scott and Amie Yancey is a set of steps on how they got into a real estate business

Scott Eric Yancey and Amie Yancey are American real estate investors. They are the stars of the popular reality TV show, Flipping Vegas. They buy a dilapidated property in Las Vegas, bring it to its old glory, and resale for profit. Scott is primarily involved in finding deals while Amie focuses on the renovation and design work. Their real estate expertise and charming personality made Flipping Vegas the number one daytime show.

How did Scott and Amie start in the real estate business?

Scott’s passion for real estate investing started at a young age. He grew up in his grandfather’s house. Every Saturday morning, his grandfather would tag him along to open houses. His grandfather is a real estate guy. He was the one who taught Scott the possibility of making huge money from doing real estate deals. Scott, his mother, and brother reside in his grandfather’s house when his parents got a divorce. He spent most of his childhood in Studio City, California. He was surrounded by rich people, but Scott admitted that they don’t have much. It is one of the reasons why at an early age his grandpa exposed him to the real estate community.

His very first real estate deal took place when he was 14 years old. He got into an accident and received an insurance settlement of $30,000. Being young, he didn’t know what to do with that huge amount of money. His best friend’s family is into real estate and they advised him to invest his money. Following their advice, he bought a second deed of trust for a home mortgage set at a 14% interest rate. That’s when he realized that your money can actually work for you.

When he was in college, Scott worked as a runner for a prestigious real estate company. His salary was $5/hour. His boss at that time, Walter Plumber III told his that the last three people who had his job became a millionaire. He didn’t take it seriously until one day Walter told him to get a real estate license. Using his license and the guidance and supervision of Walter, Scott was able to close numerous real estate transactions including fixing up condos and buying a 40-unit apartment complex. He was overwhelmed with how much money he can make from real estate. He decided to stop schooling and focus more on real estate.

Amie Yancey’s real estate background is totally different to that of Scott. Amie is an interior designer. She grew up on a family-owned ranch in Canada. He met Scott in college in 1988, but lose touch when Scott decided to get off college and focus on real estate. A few years later, they reconnected. Scott, at that time, was doing well in the real estate business. They got married on January 26, 2000. A few years later, the couple finally decided to venture in real estate together. Scott’s ability to find great deals and Amie’s interior designing skills made them a perfect business partner. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and they used them to their advantage.

The Goliath Company

Scott Yancey is the CEO of Goliath Company. It is a real estate company that provides services and expertise around the area of Las Vegas. When the great recession took place in 2008, the real estate industry was one of the sectors that were greatly affected. Yancey and his colleagues experienced halt to what the marketplace used to be. Scott and Amie decided to cool down a bit. They planned to move down to their house in Cabo and take a few years off until the market comes back. What happened was far from what they planned. Scott overhead someone said that you can actually purchase a $36,000 worth of house in Las Vegas. Fix the house and you resell for profit or you can have it rented for $900.That was just the push Scott needed to thrive through the difficult times. Scott pushed Goliath Company through the marvelous turn it had to make. He realized that even in the most difficult times, there are still good deals. You can still make money in the real estate business. You just have to be creative, resourceful, and resilient.

Throughout the years, the Goliath Company handles all variables related to real estate. It does not only focus on land development, income properties, and buying and selling. They now handle all potential real estate needs. All throughout the struggles, Amie was on her side. Amie was not only the source of strength and support but also the business partner that everyone can dream of. Amie Yancey works as an agent, investor, and interior designer. She was able to sell over 700 homes since she and Scott moved to Las Vegas. She also showed an architectural spirit, which usually ends up to exceeding Scott’s renovation budget.

How did they get into television?


Scott was talking with some of his friends in the industry. He told them his experience on how he had to pull his Glock out on some homeless guys who came to him with needles in one of the properties that were all boarded up. His friends told him that he definitely needs to have his own reality show. The original plan was to make it appear like a commercial for a website. Scott paid for the expenses. They gave it to their friends, who happened to give it to a guy who works at Lionsgate. The series filmed its pilot in 2009. In 201o, Scott Yancey and the Lovable Scoundrels Productions created Flipping Vegas, a television series in the USA. The series was premiered on June 18, 2011. Scott and wife, Amie were the stars and Scott also served as the executive producer.
The Yancey Events
Scott and Amie created the Yancey Events, which was designed to help aspiring real estate investors learn not just the basic, but the secrets to real estate investing success. Together with their team, they hold educational seminars and workshops in various parts of the United States. They take pride in helping others have all the essential tools they need to succeed in the real estate business.

The other side of the Yancey’s

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The Yancey’s are not just all about business. They too have a heart for the people and all forms of living things around them. With so much money they are making from real estate, they feel like it is their responsibility to give back. It is that mentality of sharing your blessings to those who actually need it the most. The couple started multiple charities and hold charity events including the ride to recovery wherein the proceeds from the event will go to the wounded veterans. They are involved in six to seven veteran types of programs. One of the events that really touched Amie’s heart was the Flipping Vegas episodes titled “Paying-it-forward.” In that episode, Amie and Scott purchased a dilapidated house and with the help of the community, they renovated the house and gave it to a veteran. He is a soldier who accidentally stepped on improvised explosive device while attending to an injured member. His act of heroism caused his leg. As a way of giving back, the Yancey’s with the help of the community gave that veteran and his family new hope by providing him a decent place to live. They are also actively taking part in providing shelters to abandoned dogs. Scott and Amie are dog lovers and providing shelter to homeless dogs is one of the little steps they take to make this world a better place.

The Yancey’s life outside the limelight

Even though Scott and Amie are stars in their own field, they make sure that they get to do the things they love even outside the limelight. The couple loves pets, cars, and extreme sports. Despite their busy schedule, they see to it that they have time to relax and unwind. They have four-legged members of the family. They had Tallulah, a Dachshund, and Flip and Zuma, Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. To add to the list of their growing family are Henke and Tieme (Friesian horses), Lucy and bacon bits (minipigs), and JackAss (a mini donkey). Their pets are their stress relievers. They treat them as their own children. Amie’s love for animals started at a young age. They own an acre ranch in Canada where she has the privilege to raise various kinds of animals.
The Yancey’s live a fun and fast paced lifestyle. Their love for extreme sports rooted at a young age. Scott loves cars. He remembered when he was young, he was mesmerized seeing a Porsche. He wants to have a Porsche someday but never thought that his dream can become a reality. His very first car was a 1967 Mustang. It has a perfect matte black interior. The problem was its exterior. It was purple and the front part of the car looks like it hit something hard. The front end was completely totaled. He can’t afford a brand new car. In fact, he even sold his drum just to buy the second hand Mustang. He was ashamed to show to his college friends his car. So, what he did was he would park the car a few blocks away from the school.

He had the chance to transform the look of his car when his rich aunt offered to pay his senior trip. Instead of going on a trip, he asked his aunt to use the money to fix his car. From a purple Mustang, he painted the car red. The wheels and rims were all changed to brand new. His grandfather helped him with the wheels and rims. Since the transformation of his car, he no longer needs to park his car blocks away from his school. A guy became interested in his car and asked him to buy his Mustang. He traded the car for a car worth $6,000. That was his very first flipping project. Now, he no longer needs to trade his car because he can purchase whatever car he wants. Since the debacle of his Mustang, he was able to purchase over 50 cars. He owns a Porsche GT3RS, a McLaren MP4, and Ferrari 458.

Amie is a car lover too. She participates in various extreme sports and considers it her way of combatting stress. Amie participates in drag racing in the Las Vegas area. She has several motorcycles and she uses them in dirt biking. She also loves horseback riding given the fact that she grew up on a ranch and owns horses at a young age.
Scott and Amie Yancey are living the American dream. Their expertise in the real estate arena enabled them to achieve time and financial freedom. Through the Yancey event, they impart their knowledge and expertise to people who want to make it big in the real estate business.

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