Tai Lopez on Living the Good Life

What Does Tai Lopez Say About Living the Good Life

Everybody wants to try and make things better for themselves and their families. Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, author, and investor who sells a variety of products to help you do just that. He believes that the best way to become wealthy is by finding the right mentors to guide you through your financial decisions, and offers to do just that.

Tai’s Personal History

Unlike many people who sell systems to help you make more money, Tai Lopez is the real deal with the credentials, experience, and references to back it up. More than 20 businesses, multi-million dollar corporations all, name him as an advisor, investor, or partner. Lopez is a Certified Financial Planner as well as an armchair expert on some of the most influential minds in history.

However, Lopez isn’t above getting his hands dirty to learn what’s important. During his younger days, he spent more than two years living with the Amish. He then followed this time with a volunteer experience at a leper colony in India. Living among these people who make simplicity their watchword, although in very different ways, taught him a lot about the truly important things in life.

His biggest program is his worldwide book review newsletter. This “Book of the Day” newsletter goes out to nearly one and half million people across forty countries. In it, he summarizes and recommends the best books for bettering yourself.

The 67 Steps

Lopez offers a video series called “The 67 Steps.” In it, he summarizes and distills everything he learned from his mentors. The idea of the 67 steps is based on a study from University College in London, which says that it takes 66 days to form a new habit. With one more added just for good luck, “The 67 Steps” series is guaranteed by Tai Lopez to change everything about your life, from your financial status to your love life, or you get your money back.

Tai Lopez The 67 StepsAccording to Lopez, “The 67 Steps” is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a plan to use the best wisdom from the greatest minds of our time to better your life. But instead of spending years gathering that knowledge, as Lopez did, you can learn the essence of it in just two months.

Business Mentorship Program

In addition to selling his 67 Steps video series, Lopez also offers a more in-depth business mentoring program. It is intended as a less costly alternative to a tradition business school. It focuses on educational systems that teach students how to solve major life problems through mass marketing.

The program is intended to give students the best parts of a university degree combined with the limitless possibilities of self-directed learning. It is much less expensive than attending a traditional college. However, in the end you are not given a traditional college diploma, either. It is up to the student to determine what is more important to them.


Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur and investor, but also a salesman. Look at the value of his teachings before you put out any of your own money. He does have a very solid, verifiable background and track record in making money, and seems to be truly interested in passing his wisdom on to others to help them do the same.

Who knows, with Tai Lopez and his mentorship products, you might be able to change your life for the better. Just imagine what you could do with the right information when it comes time to make a major financial decision in your life. Lopez’s products might be just what you need.